Fenixloods 1

Art at the Warehouse

We would like to introduce to you: Art at the Warehouse - a Art Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the old warehouse Fenixloods 1 a new art fair, expo and multi-disciplinary festival will take place under one enormous roof.

Simultaneously with the well-known international fair Art Rotterdam and several other art events in Rotterdam (Art Rotterdam Week), Art at the Warehouse will take present it's second edition from Wednesday February 5 till Sunday February 9, 2014. In this week, the entire city of Rotterdam is a feast of culture and contemporary art.

The organization unfortunately had to find that the plans for Art at the Warehouse were too ambitious and had to cancel Art at the Warehouse for 2014. The exhibition TEC ART will continue in the Fenixloods, check www.tecart.nl.

An art fair, exhibition and festival rolled in to one
Art at the Warehouse takes place in a rough and inspiring warehouse, which reflects the forcefulness of the event. On the ground floor the top of Contemporary Art is presented by (inter)national galleries. Hereby an innovative exhibition presented by TEC ART on the first floor, and a spectacular programme of different disciplines and fine catering in the event space. Art at the Warehouse is a current, interactive experience for both art lovers and professionals.

Hereby Art at the Warehouse doesn’t only display art, but also allows visitors to experience art in a unique environment. In the large entry, visitors can dine, drink and be entertained, shocked and moved by a diverse cultural program of music, dance, theatre and talk shows in Warehouse style. In the evening Art at the Warehouse goes live! This unique event offers art in all its forms and makes contemporary art accessible for a large audience.

Art at the Warehouse is organized by JMR Productions, who also produced RAW Art Fair 2012 in the Fenixloods (and several big events in Rotterdam like the Rotterdam Dance Parade and the National Fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge). This year, JMR works with a commission of galleries who form the jury of Art at the Warehouse. The committee comprises the Dutch gallery owners Majke H¤ősstege, Frank Taal, Roger Katwijk and Zic Zerp.